October 21 -29, 2016
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Alachua County Fair's Famous Jingle!

Take a look at this video from
the 2011 Alachua County Fair:
 Alcahua County Fair Jingle!

Alachua County Fair is now a proud member of:


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the Alachua County Fair 

This year we open the fair with student day!
Friday October 21 is the first day of the Fair 
We open at 2pm and ALL students with valid ID
or the coupon on the flyer sent to all public schools
get in FREE from 2-5pm.
Once you are in you are in...
no need to leave if you plan on attending
midnight madness. Just make sure you have your
WALGREENS wristband and
you can continue riding thru midnight!
If you just want to go to Midnight Madness you 
save $5 and a long standing in line... go straight to the gate!

Walgreens SuperSaver Wristbands good on any one day
all day!

Friday, Oct 21, Both Saturdays and Sunday at 2pm
Monday thru Thursday and Friday Oct 28 at 5pm
Friday, October 21 gates open at 2pm:
Students day wristbands $20, EXPIRE at 6pm 
Walgreens SuperSaver is good all day thru midnight madness
9pm: Midnight Madness: Everyone pays $20 
includes rides and admission. 
If you don't want to ride get there before 8:30 with a 
Walgreens $5 Admission or by one at the gate.

Saturday, October 22 and Sunday October 23:
gates open at 2pm wristbands $20

Monday, October 24: FOOD CAN DAY
Gates open at 5pm. Bring 2 cans of food and get in free
from 5 to 7pm.
Wristbands $20

Tuesday, October 25 and Wednesday October 26:
Gates open at 5. Wristbands $20

Thursday October 27:
Bring a friend FREE with your Walgreens Admission.
Wristbands $20

Friday, October 28:
Gates Open at 5pm.
9pm: Midnight Madness: Everyone pays $20
includes rides and admission.
If you don't want to ride get there before 8:30 with a
Walgreens $5 Admission or by one at the gate

Saturday, October 29: LAST BLAST!
Gates open at 2pm: wristbands $15